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Headlight Restoration

Dull, ineffective headlights are a bigger safety risk than you might think. Clouded lenses can reduce the amount of light illuminating the road by as much as 90%. The oxidized plastic refracts the light that is passing through the lens cover, creating a glare that is distracting to other drivers. Your vehicles headlights should light the road at least 150 feet in front of you. If they do not, you do not have enough advance visual warning to avoid a potentially dangerous and expensive accident.

R & S Mobile Detailing can improve the appearance and function of your headlights. Save yourself the cost of replacing lenses which can be over $100.00 each lens. On average to replace headlight lenses will run over $150.00 just for the lenses, that does not include installation. Call your nearest auto parts store and price headlight lens assemblies for your particular vehicle. The next call you make, after hearing the lens prices, will be to us to schedule an appointment with R & S Mobile Detailing at (901) 461-1098.


Our goal is to make our roads safer by bringing back the light in your headlights

  • Increase Safety
  • Increase Resale Value
  • Increases Visibility
  • Increases Light Projection 
  • Improves Appearance & Adds Beauty
  • Hugh Savings
       ( Save Hundreds If Not Thousands Of Dollars In Costly Replacement )
  • Save Money On Installation And Refocusing Charges. 
       ( we never remove your headlights they are  restored on your vehicle )
  • Retain Your Same Original Headlights 
       ( After-Market Headlights don't always fit perfect )


Contact our mobile detailing service  at (901) 461-1098 or (866) 456-2041 for professional auto detailing and cleaning services.